About Plant

Three years ago, we recognized the need to have a new and relevant training curriculum for equipping our church planting teams. At that time, we set out on a journey to create a first-class curriculum that would serve the needs of state conventions, associations, networks, and local churches in equipping church planting teams for the task of establishing healthy, multiplying churches.

As we set out to write the curriculum, we wanted to build in several distinctive elements. Some of the hallmarks that distinguish this curriculum include

  • Relevant: PLANT was designed and written by planters for planters. Eleven gifted church planters were selected to write the material for this curriculum.
  • Modular: All of the 10 modules that make up this curriculum are written as stand-alone units.
  • Narrative: PLANT is written in an easy-to-read narrative format.
  • Flexible: PLANT can be used as a training curriculum in a number of environments with a single church planter and his team or with multiple teams at the same training event.
  • Empowering: PLANT does not have to be taught by certified trainers; it can be used in local churches and in church planting centers by leaders who have a passion for training and sending out church planting teams.
  • Thorough: Though not exhaustive, PLANT covers all of the systems needed to establish healthy churches.
  • Customizable: Additional modules can be written and used by churches or networks to communicate their own distinctive elements, such as their history, purpose, and mission.
  • Practical: Each module is full of activities and discussion questions designed to help church planting teams begin to build their own systems and processes to use in their new churches.

Each of the elements above was selected out of our experience working with church planters and sponsors in order to create a dynamic and adaptable curriculum that can be used in a broad array of environments.

During the last phases of development, this material was used to equip more than 25 church planting teams over the course of three different training events. Revisions were made to the material subsequent to each event in order to make it the best and strongest curriculum that it can be.

PLANT will continue to be revised every two to three years based on the feedback we receive from church planters and church planting trainers using the material. By doing so, we’ll strive to make PLANT: Equipping Church Planting Teams the best curriculum available to serve your church planter training needs for years to come.